The Skin Food : Mushroom BB Cream Review

okay, this time I want to review a little about one of The Skin Food products, namely Blemish Balm Cream or as known as the Balm BB Cream.

What's blemishes Balm (BB) Cream?
BB Cream according is, the last step of all foundation, concealer, moisturizer, etc. It's a combined product that eliminates many makeup products from your daily routine and not only simplifies the foundation but the key ingredients That Also Offers We all look for in makeup and skin care.

I'm using BB Cream from The Skin Food Mushroom BB cream since two months ago. I am interested to use this TSF Mushroom BB Cream because it contains three active ingredients; anti aging, whitening and sunblock.
In addition I also have the problem of acne blemishes. The first month I did not feel any effect from the BB Cream. Especially in the case of black spots acne scars BB Cream workings rather slow i guess on me. Indeed, many people say BB Cream can make skin more healthy, but it seems it will require a long time.

Now I only use for daily routine, before using the compact powder. Maybe that was quite encouraging, is not dull and my face more whiter than two months earlier.

oh yes, because my skin a little darker, so I'm using BB Cream of Mushroom no.2. Don't forget to wash your face after all make ups apply on your face, even it's BB cream! cause i've more acnes when i did't wash my face in the night after all day activities!

I'll try even harder, who knows my acne scars are gone. :)