Red Aurora: The Best Pictures from Sky Lights

Aurora is one of beauty natures that occurred in earth. There's a Rare Northern Lights Seen in U.S. South, which is located in Georgia,Arkansas, Michigan and Alabama. The blood-red aurora has shown in those town, makes people amazed by its ruby-red haze in the night sky. On previous locations, before came up on U.S South, The aurora borealis—or northern lights—has appears as ribbons of purple and pink in Canada too.

Auroras are created when charged solar particles collide with molecules in Earth's atmosphere, infusing the molecules with extra energy that then gets emitted as light. Colors are based on which types of molecules are affected and how high they are in Earth's atmosphere. Familiar green auroras appear lower in the atmosphere, around 60 miles (100 kilometers) above the surface. The light is actually a mix of colors, but the human eye is most attuned to the green part of the spectrum, according to the University of Alaska Fairbanks. So, when the sun's charged particles reach the atmosphere below about 60 miles (96.5 kilometers) from Earth's surface, they mainly hit nitrogen molecules, which glow in rosy shades. More common green auroras are created by oxygen atoms between 60 and 120 miles (96.5 and 123 kilometers) above the ground. Here's the ghostly shade of Red-Green Aurora:

Photograph courtesy Shawn Malone
Red aurora becomes famous because its shown more gorgeous saturated color than the appearance in 2004. even in some location it cannot captured by naked eye, other photographers says no matter the colors, "everyone should see the Aurora Borealis at least once with their own eyes to really appreciate its splendor," photographer Zoltan Kenwell said in an email toNational Geographic News. Even that, thee resulting increase in solar particles reaching the atmosphere feeds auroral sky shows—but can also damage satellites in orbit and electrical grids on the ground.