2013 Lifetime Review

2013 is nearly come to an end. Still, there much full of regret in this year. Some of them, might be the craziest moments I ever went through. So here's the reviews about my life this year :

♥ I realized that 2013 is full of my-insanity related to career :'(
lot of drama and I'm lack of responsibility to keep my work went well on this year. The opportunity just ran away as myself were feel uncertain about many things *most of that things were trashy.

♥ Great experiences to have a trip to Mount Bromo, East Java. Alhtough its really cool trip which i looooveeeddd so much, I did this because one regretful decision whom i made for my life career :"(

♥ I've got engaged!!! and it finally happiest moment through entire 2013. Me and my fiance will be married on June 14'. hope things will work well till that day (amin).

♥ My (whole) plans this year wasn't succesfully accomplished. These got me so stressful and I understand (totally) that all mistakes were existed by myself.

♥ Either this year was suck or the great year, there is no rewind button on this section. I just have to keep move on, and being the best I can do even for a small thing. I obsessed with the perfection, and other people achievements; which just ruin everything.

So, this my 2013 life review. At least, when I come to end on year 2014, I could take look back which one is succesfully vanish on my habit. So, What is yours? Do you have great year or ???
just simply write down yours below.. :)

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  1. Those regret things are good for you to learn and move on to the better life.
    Enjoy your life.
    - IF


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