America's Next Top Model Season 20 Shooting in Bali Indonesia!

America's Next Top Model Season 20 Shooting in Bali IndonesiaAmerica's Next Top Model (ANTM) Fans in Indonesia definitely interesting to watch on last season 20, because the finale ends up in the beauty of Bali, Indonesia. Starting the beginning season of guys vs girls, Tyra Banks brings all professional fashions experts went to Bali. Well, no wonder it happened cause everyone knows well about Bali. But just few of them who know exactly that Bali is one of province in Indonesia. Yes: Indonesia!

I quite late to know that this season were end last november. Thanks to internet which help me to stand for download of all 16-episode! whew.. thanks to mom too :p
This season which tyra called guys vs girls 2.0 antm, explore Ubud; rice paddy, Ayanas Villa, Taman Bhagawan, Bat Temple, Safari Park Bali, and many more. My favorite part is the finale! (hell yeah of course)

All contestant -the final three cory, jourdan, and marvin- wear collection of Tex Saverio (women collection) and Luwi Saluadji (men's batik in tux). Really breathtaking to' to look at jourdan gown. Tex Saverio, as known as Indonesian Fashion Designer, became reaaaalllly famous because he designed wedding gown for Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie. Gosh, you have to watch that movie!

Back to antm's topic, so the winner is Jourdan..I'm kinda dissapointed coz Jourdan is tipically model-look type. it's very obvious when you saw her photoshot. Actually I'm not 100% picked Cory on that season, but I think Cory more unique, beside he still struggling with his manly-feminine  look -poor cory, Cory is the coolest model of androginity.

Well, I hope many tv shows may explore the island in Indonesia. Not only America's Next Top Model, Eat Pray Love, Love Heat, but also another box office hollywood movie. lol. amen.
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  2. Yes, the photos are truly stunning!

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