Dissapointed with Google Indexing My Blog

I don't know why I wrote this. Maybe because I still don't know why my blog didn't show up in google search; even on previous days my blog were still visible in first page at certain posts. I also read manyy things about how google works in indexing blogs around the world.

One topic that keeps stepping around in my head is: google gets your indexing blog slower than usual if you were posting more than one article in a day. Seriously?? Moreover, google also seems like punishing blog author who change their templare more often than the others. Okay, thats make sense if we talked about changing blogger templates. I used to change my entire blog, and cleaning up all my labels, and doing additional seo tools just to keep my blogs on track in google. But seems its just failed. Oh am so hopeless right now..

All I want to do next is, I might want to reset the template to default. Yeah, kinda waste my time. But i guess thats the only way to bring back my blog again :" hopefully things get better guys..good night..

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