Things You Should Aware in Keeping Personal Stuff Together with Him!!

Have you ever fight with your bf, just because of small things like; insurance card or bank statement? Well, I went through it today. And guess what, it feel sucks! Starting from organizing private stuff together *without any letter agreement of it, totally*; I supposed to be the keeper all of our personal stuff  - including his. 

Actually it's no problem in the beginning, until we finally having lots of important stuffs; and my cabinet can't hold it even more. Another things is, I'm still living with my mom, so currently i'm kinda forced all my belongings mixed in my wardrobe. Very messy indeed . Now, my wardrobe was full of accessories , clothing , shoes , bags , books , certificates, stationery , until mobile phone box.
Moreover, My BF also accusing me when he cannot found his stuff.. hhuh

So , after that short story of me time , there are some alternatives that I want to take :
  1. Buy a new wardrobe
  2. Will organize the stuff with the ownership, the function, and labeling all the stuff
  3. Making Books Receive / Log Book . This is silly anyway , but I would listing any kind of goods that he felt he was board out. With date of returning the goods; and signatures of him, I believe he cant even judge me as a careless.
  4. Buy Bantex , card book , buy all the stuff relates to organize something.
  5. After classifying all on point 2 above, I will unite that into one container . So that , if there are undesirable things such as burglar , fire , all can be saved .
  6. Start to scan all documents were listed to be important , and make backup in the dropbox .
So much resolution this year. Hope all organising things will work in this year. yeay!!

sorry if my english not good..just want to have friends outside Indonesia through this article
with love dini

1 komentar:

  1. Are you sure it will works?
    I think you do not have to buy any wardrobe (it only cost you for nothing).
    you only have to more care and wisely in organizing your stuff and also your BF stuff.

    Thank you - IF


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