How to Post Blog with English Effectively for Non Natives

Do you find any difficulties learning english? or maybe end up with 'desperado' situations which makes you quit to try write some articles with english? If the answer is: YOU DO; you've come to the right place baby!

I've struggle for long time either do writing an article in english or my natives language. I also do some research recently, and found powerful thoughts about what and how you're gonna do in writing post on your blog.

Write an Article in English Makes your Blog More Reachable.
This one is definitely true. I believe it's more easy to write articles in our own native languange instead directly write one into english. But my reason is, even we barely used Google Translate for our blog, sometimes it does wrong translation, then become delivering incorrect information to our reader. You won't let they get misunderstanding, aren't you?

Try simple words and sentences to make your blog post more readable.
Yes, another thing you have to concern about is, you must recap your article before deciding to publish it. Change long sentences, simplify them, and try to read your article deep down in your mouth, pretend like you are talking to us with those sentences. I mean, bring conversation style into your articles. It will make your blog feel alive!

Practice it, then you'll breath with English, not an Air!
Believe it or not, since I subscribed tv cable that so maany shows in English, I'm totally fluent to start conversation.  So, I suggest you to watch foreign tv stations without subtitle. Other ways you should try is, sign up for iTalki (google it now!), whereas you meet people who willing to learn other language.

Even I realised this weren't best tips, I hope it would help you and encourage all of you to do something different on your blog. So how about you? I'd very please if you can share about your thoughts on how to post article in english on your blog.

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